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27 jun

ballad-of-a-broken-nose-9781481415422_hr«Sangen om en brukket nese» fortsetter å få fine anmeldelser i USA. Boka kom ut i midten av juni på Simon & Schuster og har fått en rekke gode tilbakemeldinger. Nå skriver selveste Wall Street Journal: «Growing up in a small Norwegian city, 13-year-old Bart is well aware that his life is less than ideal, but he’s determined not to dwell on his difficulties. So it takes some time for us to see the true contours of his circumstances in “The Ballad of a Broken Nose” an uplifting coming-of-age story by Norwegian writer Arne Svingen.» I rekken av andre medier som har anmeldt boka, skriver Teenreads: «THE BALLAD OF A BROKEN NOSE is a fun read and contains lessons about keeping problems in perspective and keeping an eye on the prize no matter how tough things get that would be useful for young readers.(…) Bart’s story is a motivational one and Svingen’s writing is very fun and easy to read» Nettstedet McNally Robinson skriver: «Never going to want to stop reading. Once it ends you wish it lasts forever. From the first few pages you are going to know it will be a great book. I hope the author will make a second one in the series.» Les mer om «Sangen om en brukket nese»

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