«Winning and moving»

06 mai

ballad-of-a-broken-nose-9781481415422_hrDen amerikanske utgaven av «Sangen om en brukket nese» utkommer først i midten av juni, men allerede nå kommer det gode forhåndsanmeldelser av «The Ballad of a Broken Nose». Publishers Weekly skriver: «Svingen has taken home top prizes in his native Norway, and he makes his English-language debut with a novel that addresses difficult subjects with a gentle hand and understated humor. (…) With deftness and subtlety, Svingen shows a boy hanging onto optimism in the face of adversity and asserting his identity when he’s long relied on obscuring himself in the background.» Bokavisen Kirkus Review konkluderer: «Bart’s depth and the beauty he finds in his world are winning and moving. Lovely and profound.» Project Muse skriver følgende: «Rooting for a genuinely good kid is universal, and readers will warm to Bart’s quirkiness even as they cheer his well-earned success.» Boka utkommer på Simon & Schuster. Les mer om «Sangen om en brukket nese»

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